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We offer both ESL/Homestay programs along with only Homestay Programs. With a large database of homestay families we match the student profile to the homestay family profile. Our families host for a cultural exchange experience for their families. Our host family list is filled with a variety of families. We offer double placements and single placements. Please contact us for more information or to design a program for your needs.


ESL Program: Proficiency

Proficiency in English is based on specific core competencies. For example the ability to ask and answer questions. The ability to understand directions. The ability to handle a situation such as finding a lost piece of baggage. These and other communication competencies are fundamental to people talking with each other and to people understanding each other. Proficiency simply stated is the ability to communicate effectively. When a student is taught to use language he may be able to understand it without being able to communicate. A student may be taught to read a language that he cannot speak. An ESL program must be result oriented by continually asking the question: What is it that the student needs to be able to communicate and understand in the real world? Language is alive and in real-time. Only processes and applications that increase oral / spoken proficiency are used in this program.

To increase student motivation toward greater speaking and listening proficiency we have designed a number of task based, objective oriented, hands-on activities that are built around having fun and enjoying communicating with Canadians. One example is our program of "Urban Orienteering". This is an exciting and fun team activity in which each student is given tools to use in the creation and presentation of questions in the quest to gather information. The orienteering is set up as a contest between teams all gathering similar kinds of information through posing questions to Canadians in real life settings. Students are not focusing on language learning during such activities but are using the language to achieve a goal: winning the orienteering contest. The need to communicate in English is acute.
If you would like further information regarding our proficiency based ESL program, please contact us at the numbers listed below.

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